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My young friend Beth (a newly minted Rolfling in Chicago) asked me what our days are like.  In truth, it’s only been this last week that we’ve manage to settle down enough to see what shape a day might take over time.

Our apartment, right around the corner from the first one (the easiest move I’ve made in 10 years!) is on top of Travel Planet Agency.  Ronka and Sinisa have helped us settle in by offering traveler’s aid,  including allowing us to swipe necessary things from the rooms that are closed for the season and filling in visa forms in Croatian.

Our front door

Our front door

I’ve always wanted to live above a shop … who knows why? But if you turn around before you go up the stairs you’ll see this.  I’ve been contemplating drinking my morning tea on the front steps but haven’t sorted myself out enough yet to try it.

We’ve got a bedroom, living room, kitchen, a large bathtub and a loft space with two single beds.   Visitors welcome.

This week we managed to set up work spaces and develop a schedule of sorts, which brings us to why we are in Croatia in the first place.  R, who has always been committed to his writing and disciplined about it and me, committed to writing but less disciplined about the process of late, wanted to finish writing projects and we both felt as if being away from home might help fill the creative tanks while diminishing certain distractions.  Ah hell, I’ll admit it.  We just wanted to try another adventure. And so, here we are, in this beautiful harbor town with exciting weather, incredible views, cobblestone streets to explore and people to meet.


High tide



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