Fierce Feline Fells Feathered Foe

The quiet seaside harbor of Rovinj was shocked yesterday at the outbreak of violence resulting in one fatality on Marshall Tito Square.

The square, often filled with seagulls, pigeons and cats is usually peaceful – host to running children, sunning adults and walkers.  Magnus, a neighborhood tough feline, known for his bad temper and irascible character hangs around the square on most days.  This day was little different than others except for Malvin’s ill timed retelling of an incident a week earlier involving Magnus, a seagull and a fish.

It appears that Magnus tried to steal the fish from the seagull even though the gull had half of the fish in his mouth.  A ruckus ensued in which Magnus was run off by a group of other seagulls – who promptly took the disputed fish as payment for the aid.


Malvin, a bit of a birdbrain, dive bombed Magnus while teasing him in Pigeon over his  earlier defeat.  Magnus in a rage stalked, pounced and demolished Malvin.  A white dog named Peko stopped by to see what was up but was sent packing by Magnus in short order.

Acquaintances of Magnus say that while he regrets Malvin’s death he has been quoting Sinatra – a favorite of his, “I gotta be me …”

American correspondent in Rovinj, Croatia

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