We’ve done it again.

Packed up yet another house. Sold what we could.  Gave Goodwill a massive haul after an unsuccessful attempt to give away all that we didn’t want to store for shipping at a later date.  I sent some bags ahead (thank you Sendmybags.com) and dragged a few behind.  And now, we are in England.  

For the first two weeks, I stayed wrapped in a number of layers and sat in the wing back chair next to the fire.  A seat conceded to me by Nigel – gentleman that he is.

We’ve eaten incredibly well since we got here – Beouf Burginion, Moules et Frites, the best breakfasts and a few pub lunches.  If we keep walking to the pub I may be able to stave off the inevitable but the cider – well, there’s that.

Last week I went to Rye with a friend to Merchant and Mills an incredibly lovely fabric store with great basic patterns. This week on Monday we went to Cambridge.  The architecture was breathtaking, especially in the rainy evening – interior lights shining through windows – limning out intricate ceiling decorations, doorways and occasionally a human occupant.  I was spinning stories like mad and want to spend a day or two the next time to really fill my head with visions.

I didn’t get to say goodbye in person to as many people as I wanted to.  My plans for a Bon Voyage party fell through and the final days of packing took about every last brain cell I had.  My biggest fear is when we are finally reunited with our stuff – those things I could not get rid of or give away – I will think, “What on earth was I thinking?  Why did I keep this?” 

This is the fireplace I’ve been snuggling up to. This part of the house was built in the 1400’s. Take that Mayflower.

A street view in Rye where the fabulous pattern/sewing store is located. This place is a real design experience.
Can’t you see the Bennets preparing for a walk across the fields?

We’ll leave for Semur in a few weeks.  As soon as we land we need to begin paperwork (inevitable paperwork) to extend our stay past the first year.  Given our experience thus far, beginning right away will not necessarily ensure that we make the deadline but should increase our chances.

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  1. jane says:

    Amazing & Delightful!
    So glad you are going for it.

    All is good here, calm and a beautiful New Mexico winter with snow and sun.

    My love- Jane

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