Working on it

We managed to return our car to Dijon last Thursday. Whatever we paid to return it to a different location was worth it to not drive back to Paris. There’s a bus at the train station (number 119) that travels through the back roads to Semur. It takes about 75 minutes and costs 1.5 Euros. It’s a wonderful ride through villages, fields with white cows and that day, impressive storm clouds.

It got cool in the evening and then this happened. It was a spectacular moment of light, crisp cold air and loveliness.

We continue to talk about the adventure of living in France for a few years. I like the challenge of learning, or at least trying to learn, a new language. Time feels different here. The break in the afternoon, how long it takes to buy bread at the patisserie, the closing days of various shops, all feels slower and easier. I am challenged by food shopping. I puzzle over whether I am buying a familiar product or making a leap into Vegan yogurt territory. It can feel exhausting but if you time things right, that is allow enough time for the puzzling, it’s quite nice.


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  1. Patrice says:

    Patrice, I’ll figure out how your readers can reply without logging in. Most don’t have passwords. Everyone really needs to see this rainbow. Dein Mann

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