November 18

In Venice we were right around the corner from this shoe store that featured hand made shoes.  Every time we walked by – and we did that a lot – I had to stop and drool at the window.  I took these pictures at night when the store was closed because I’d noticed a sign saying no pictures and my Italian is no way good enough to be yelled at.  Not great shots but you get the gist.

Hand made shoes from Venice

The upper leather is peeled back to show the light blue leather beneath. Mouth watering.


Can you imagine wearing these for an evening out?


These boots are astonishingly – patchworked together.

In Rovinj as in Venice, you don’t see a lot of high heels, though last night I saw a group of young women with a few brave (foolish, maybe?) souls tottering down the cobblestones in heels.  It was early enough that I don’t think too much wine was involved but there was lots of looking down and clutching each other.

My mother told me a story about going to dances when she was young.  She’d clothes pin her dress up, put on her walking shoes, place her dancing shoes in her bike basket and peddle off to the dance.  When she got there she’d change shoes and voila!  I imagine a lot of women arrive with their shoes in a carry bag and do a quick switch outside restaurant doors.  Unless you get the hang of cobblestones after a while.

There are lots of dogs here.  Lots of small ones, often white, some black.  I’ve seen one Black Lab and an Alsatian and one very, very tubular shaped Corgi.  The dogs run around the square ignoring the pigeons, the seagulls and the cats.  Some are clearly out for a stroll and appear to have no one with them. In the cafes they sit next to their humans, some on cushions supplied by said humans, and watch the world pass by.  Content.  Philosophical.  Mediterranean.

Saturday night we took a walk around the square and saw a wedding.  The couple marched down from the civic building to an accordion player who had been entertaining the guests  in the square while the ceremony took place.  The square was lined with cars,  their headlights on, tulle and flowers tied to their side view mirrors.  Guests waited to congratulate the couple – whom I must say – appeared a little shocked by what they had just done.  After congratulations they were bundled into a car with a driver and off they went – with much honking and led by two Triumph motorbikes, similarly clad in tulle and flowers. The motorbike riders were in leather – not tulle and flowers.


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