Almost ready …

Finally finished and it fits!!

Finally finished and it fits!!

So, this morning we woke and admitted that we were getting excited. We’ve agreed to allow the butterflies to make their presence known and we are prepared for that bit of short temper that shows up as we both try to make sure that we have everything covered. Of course, we find something new that needs doing every time we take a breath.

I picked up a bag of mail from the friend’s house that we sat at the beginning of the summer and discovered a number of addresses we needed to change, insurance matters to manage and of course, a pile of junk mail. It’s all sorted now and much better done before we leave than after.

This week I finished a knitting project that I started for R right after we got back from Moscow/India. My friend reminded me today that I chose the pattern! It was far too difficult for my skills when I started it and I pulled it out a number of times before I could get a handle on the thing. At one point with 6″ of the back done I found a mistake that I couldn’t ignore so I started all over again.

One of the things I like about knitting is that while you are tying knots in string with two sticks, the string itself is unchanged. If you’ve ever sewn anything, taken your scissors and cut into the fabric, you know that that first cut is monumental. The fabric will never be the same and if you’ve screwed up you’ll be making another trip to the fabric store, or making the garment a vest instead of a shirt. Knitting is a forgiving activity. You can pull it out, redo it, size it after you’re done, change the quality of the fabric, cut into it after it’s knitted, fix dropped stitches rows later – I mean really how much more adaptable can something be?

So here it is – the SWEATER! And of course, the handsome and patient R.IMG_0581

I’ve been accepting congratulations with a lot more grace than usual – that is – while I point out the mistakes it’s usually with that reverse humble pride thing – clearing indicating that I’m having a blast with knowing that I finished that whale and it’s all on me. I’ll call that “good for now”.

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