The End

It’s mid-October and I’m coming to the end of an 8 weeks class. Today we do what we call final evaluations and then have lunch with the students who have trusted us to help them along a path that will become a life time of learning.

They’ve been an extraordinary bunch – managing themselves and the world of learning with grace and curiosity and lately, some laughter. In the process of teaching them I’ve learned so much about myself. I think that’s why I teach. I like the clarity with which I have to speak, the attention I have to pay, the edge it brings me to in myself. It’s a challenge worth taking up.

We leave on Friday morning to go home, and then two weeks later we leave for Croatia. Our guest list is growing and I’m beginning to imagine what it will be like to live where I don’t know the language or the culture and I get excited. I’m ready to see new things, to walk on new streets, eat new foods, drink new wines (well maybe not brand new wines).

My plan for this year is to finish a long fiction piece that I’ve toted around on my laptop for what seems like forever – to organize some classes for the future so that I can get easier with delivering information that does not roll trippingly off my tongue and find a way back into my moving body. The latter may be the most challenging on the agenda.

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