Wailing ….

A few weeks ago I got some things in the mail from Maggie and Sims of Harmonious Wail celebrating their latest CD, Bohemian Tango (http://wail.com/). Ever since my goodies arrived I’ve been having a whale of a time. Wailing hot mustard on nearly everything and Wail CD’s while I get dressed in the morning. I sing along with Maggie (just like in my voice lessons) and dance around to some really great strings while making a sandwich or stuffing salad into plastic containers.

Maggie was my voice teacher (along with the beautiful Amber Nicole Dilger – www.ambernicoledilger.com) for nearly a year. I still don’t think I could sing out loud on my own in front of anyone. But in the morning when no one’s at the house I belt it out. Maggie’s got this fabulous voice that sometimes sounds as if it must come from someone twice her size – she’s a tiny little thing.

R will at times start singing while we bike around Boulder – he’s got a good voice – I warble along under my breath trying not to be heard but I so love to sing. I really think something happens deep in the body when we take a breath open our mouths and let loose with sound. And when we get a chance to do it with someone else, in a choir or informal group it really is something. One of these days I’m going to find my way into my singing voice and go for it.

These days my practice consists of singing along with CD’s but I’ll call that good enough for now (thank you Thomas Walker)and try to find my way into what it takes to stop judging myself and have some fun.

We’re leaving for Madison in about two weeks – we’re going to be there for two weeks before we take off for Croatia. I’m going to finagle an invitation to Maggie and Sim’s porch for dinner, talk and the usual wailing good time.

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