Fined, but fine

I’m not in jail.  Neither is R.  We were fined – a whopping $800.00.  Our credit card didn’t go through the first time.  I began to plan where I would sleep at the police station because I’d already decided that I wasn’t leaving town without my passport.  Second pass, whoosh, from our pocket to theirs.  I let out a cheer and the young male officer (who once I realized reminded me of Joey Howell, a police officer in Kentucky, R’s oldest grandson and also a very, very, sweet and funny young man) I became less nervous.  Got him to crack a smile with my pleasure at increasing the GNP of Croatia.  Ivana, the 18 year veteran who was helping us out got a kick out of it as well.  I thanked them all with a dozen doughnuts, chocolate bunnies and handshakes (some of which is true).

We’ve got an extended visa – good for 20 more days. Since our plan and our tickets to Germany are for the 16th I think we’ll be okay as long as we stay out of bar fights, don’t indulge in public drunkenness, avoid littering, pay our cafe bill with small change and continue to impress the natives with our scintillating wit (such as it may be).

By the way, I loved the advice from all of you.  True to type some was practical, some was heartfelt offerings of support and some pointed out what a bunch of nitwits we can be.  Thanks.

Our weekend in Slovenia is the most expensive non-trip I think I’ve ever taken.  But we are ticking the lessons learned.  Don’t trust anecdotal information about government related rules, in other words – read for yourself twice, pay once.  Stay calm, be curious rather than defensive.  Assume you are correct and be surprised that anyone would think otherwise.  Be polite.  Enjoy yourself – it’s the only possible way to get through it without making yourself and others sick.

So, once again, thank your for your advice, thoughts and caring.  I didn’t realize quite how dire the earlier blog might sound to some of you – while it was  a little nerve wracking – it was okay.





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