Winter is nigh …

We’ve been at the farm for about 12 weeks.  I’ve managed to paint the upstairs, closets included, and the room downstairs I’m using as an office.  But I’ve reached a stopping point – in order to continue I’d have to move everything out of the guest room and dance around it for two days while I did the painting.  Small complaint.

We’ve deconstructed the bathroom and dumped it all into the biggest dumpster in the world which was temporarily planted in our front yard.  Now that it’s gone the real work – replacing the bathroom has begun.  It’s the perfect time to leave.

The guest room has been used!  I’m trying to entice people to come up though we may shortly have only one working bathroom, well 3/4’s of a working bathroom as the shower upstairs is being measured for glass as we speak.  Every time we use it we have to mop up the floor and wipe down the walls.  While it makes for a clean bathroom it’s a pain.

As usual I’m ambivalent about living up north.  We are isolated, 17 miles from Merrill – that teeming metropolis and 24 miles from Rhinelander – land of lakes.  There are compensations.  The sunrises are sometimes breathtaking,IMG_0174 the sunsets shades of pink and blue and white.  I can hear coyotes carrying on in the woods on an evening walk.  The quiet is soothing and I don’t really mind the cold.  That’s just a matter of dressing properly.

I don’t get to see friends enough.  Leaving R without a vehicle at the farm for more than an overnight or two makes me uncomfortable though he says he’s fine.  In order to see people in town I’d have to stay a bit longer than I usually do and when the road looks like this DSC01200I think it might be better to have a car around.

I leave this coming Saturday for Boulder to teach for 8 weeks.  I feel like a slug – R is left with all of the bathroom redo to manage.  Arggghhhhhhhh!

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