And the new year begins


Not really our New Year’s picture but it could be. WP_20131223_005 Happy New Year!  I’ve always liked saying that – a week or two of non-sectarian good will toward everyone you meet, a chance to think what one can change, what worked, how to make it all a bit better. I hope it’s a good year to all of you, filled with what you need and hope for.

We had a nice Christmas with Michelle.  She indulged R by bringing along a drip cone for coffee.  We further fattened the pot by linking Nigel’s invitation to join us for a few days to a couple of packages of bean coffee and the post Christmas purchase of a coffee grinder made R a happy man.

WP_20131224_013I gave R a hat that I bought at a kiosk that popped up the week before Christmas on Carrera street.  Here he is in front of our tree – made with lights that were tacked to the wall.  R gave me a lovely little pin in the shape of a bow.  I promptly lost it on New Year’s Eve on our way back from a disastrous dinner.  Losing the pin was the nadir of the evening.

We are trying to get ourselves back on schedule.  The quieting down of Rovinj is helpful.   The Christmas tree in the square is being dismantled today.  The tourists (ha!) are going home, though I think school might still be out for colleges and even the high schools.  We’ve seen many more people of school age in the cafes and on skateboards in the square than ever before.

Speaking of tourists – we have been here for about 9 weeks now.  Our visas require that we leave every 90 days – though we found out today that it may be that we are allowed a 90 day visa every 6 months.  We are going up to the police station today to see if we understood the tourist bureau correctly.  We’re hoping people with a Croatian library card are allowed to stay longer.  Or maybe if we promise to continue to buy coffee on the piazza.  Or something.  I thought I might offer my services as an English teacher in exchange for another 90 days.  We’ll see.






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